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Energy and Environmental Conservation by SRU TGTU Amine Optimization

Energy and environmental conservation have become the topic of every major and minor discussion around business conduct and industry. Managing site energy utilization has been always crucial for ensuring an efficient and environmentally friendly operations. Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU) Tail-Gas Treatment Unit (TGTU) Amine energy utilization, i.e. process cooling and amine pumping, is technically dictated by amine circulation. Design amine rate cannot be reliably applied to drive TGTU energy usage to optimum point as it fails to consider others process parameters such as train capacity and amine strength. This potentially hinders TGTU operation from achieving its optimum operating point. A comprehensive optimization study using advanced process simulation and empirical modeling analysis to develop operating envelope correlations was completed. The study resulted in the development of the “TGTU Amine Energy Optimization Smart Advisory Dashboard”, which intuitively optimizes site energy utilization in a digital-interface form. Subsequently, the results were incorporated in a live model providing real-time Operational Analytics and decision-making capabilities for plant engineers and operators. The dashboard is capable to dynamically map and drive the site energy utilization to its optimum point, by providing multiple benefits that include prescribing a reliable amine rate as a dynamic operating envelope in order to drive TGTU energy utilization efficiency, mapping TGTU energy utilization and corresponding energy saving as the amine circulation is optimized, and continuous monitoring of “Environmental Performance”, i.e. carbon footprint corresponding reduction as a result. The study represents a good example of how to capture low-hanging fruit in energy efficiency with no capital expenditure, thus cost-effectively contributing to achieving sustainability targets.

Sustainability, Energy Efficiency, Optimization, Operational Analytics, Sulfur Recovery, Tail-Gas Treatment

Mohammed Albuainain, Dedik Rahmat Ermawan. (2023). Energy and Environmental Conservation by SRU TGTU Amine Optimization . Journal of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering, 8(4), 68-77.

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