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Designing and Fabricating a Prototype Pyrolysis Batch Reactor for Recycling Plastic Waste Materials to Oil

Plastics like other materials have wide engineering applications. This is because of their lightweight and are resistant to corrosion among others. However, the amount of plastic waste generated every day produces a significant environmental threat. There is therefore a need to convert plastic wastes into useful products using thermochemical techniques. Pyrolysis has been found a reliable method. However, to the best knowledge of the author, few pyrolysis batch reactor designs exist. During the study, attention was focused on designing and fabricating a prototype pyrolysis batch reactor. The reactor was made of mild steel with a capacity of 1.2x10-2m3/batch of waste plastic. This was tested for five batches using 1000 g of LDPE plastics per batch. The temperature was maintained at 250, 350, and 450°C and at residence times of 40, 50, and 60 minutes. The test result showed that the highest amount of oil produced was 250 mL while the lowest amount of oil produced was 132 mL at 450°C and 250°C. The lowest char quantity produced was 450 g and the highest was 600 g at 450°C and 250°C respectively. The highest (19.28 %) conversion efficiency was achieved at 450°C whereas the lowest (10.18%) was obtained at 250°C. Similarly, the waste reduction efficiency of waste plastics in oil increased as the external heat temperature was increased with the highest value (55 %) obtained at 450°C and the lowest (40%) waste reduction value obtained at 250°C. The study showed that the pyrolysis reactor was found to be more operational and functional at 450°C and 60 minutes of temperature and residence time respectively.

Pyrolysis Reactor, LDPE, Residence Time, Oil, Char

Nankwasa Crispuss, Ogene Fortunate. (2023). Designing and Fabricating a Prototype Pyrolysis Batch Reactor for Recycling Plastic Waste Materials to Oil. Journal of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering, 8(3), 53-58.

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